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Patricia Urquiola

  1. Out On A Lim...

    Out On A Lim...

    Meet Jarrod, the Australian born - Singapore based designer turning heads from Los Angeles to Milan with his own unique style.
  2. YOU-ZU: Mia Feasey

    YOU-ZU: Mia Feasey

    Managing Director of SIREN DESIGN GROUP and 2010 NAWIC Business Woman of the Year 2010 - Mia Feasey - is sitting down with YOU-ZU this week!
  3. Milan 2011 : NUB : Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World

    Milan 2011 : NUB : Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World

    The omnipresent Patricia Urquiola turns her hand to a collection of high-end chairs for Spain's Andreu World.
  4. Gaga Over Zuzunaga...

    Gaga Over Zuzunaga...

    For what is fundamentally a minimising of detail and breaking down of matter into it's basic visual components, annunciating "The Digit Collection from nanimarquina and Cristian Zuzunaga", is one hell of a mouthful! Spanish by birth but now based permanently in London (after completing his studies at The Royal College of Art), Zuzunaga comes to textiles and flooring from a...

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