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For your inspiration, we showcase a selection of projects supplied by KE-ZU in Australia and projects using our same suppliers products, that are located elsewhere in the world.

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  1. Hospitality

    +297 Restaurant
    Aruba, Caribbean
  2. Residential

    1001 Nights House
    Madrid, Spain
  3. Commercial

    157 Walker St Sydney
    Sydney, Australia
  4. Commercial

    1776 Eye Street
    Washington DC, United States
  5. Commercial

    365 Studio
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  6. Commercial

    601 West Hastings
    Vancouver, Canada
  7. Residential

    7 The Scarp, Castlecrag
    Sydney, Australia
  8. Residential

    A. Quincy Jones' Smalley House
    Los Angeles, USA
  9. Commercial

    AAA Club Corporate Office Kitchen
    California, United States
  10. Healthcare

    Alexander Monro Breast Cancer Hospital
    Utrecht, Netherlands
  11. Commercial

    ANZ Centre, Collins St
    Melbourne, Australia
  12. Residential

    Apex House
    Port Stephens, Australia
  13. Commercial

    Avalam Offices
    Murcia, Spain
  14. Commercial

    Aware Super
    Sydney, Australia
  15. Hospitality

    Bar 83 Sydney Tower
    Sydney, Australia

Items 1-16 of 224

Set Descending Direction