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June 2011

  1. INSTALLED: Prince Alfred Park, Sydney

    Another stage in Sydney's $20m Prince Alfred Park refurbishment has been unveiled. DAE's Beiramar Modular Bench is sweeping the Surry Hills locals off their feet with it's cool curves and customised vivid white coat!
  2. The Hills Are Alive...

    Pierre Sauvageot's acclaimed installation makes light of some blustery conditions.
  3. The Vikings Are Coming! (To America)...

    Norwegian Architects, Snøhetta have again made their mark on the United States Architectural landscape.
  4. Art Imitating Strife...

    In recent years, the line between art and design has become more and more blurred. Today, it is not the object itself, but rather its economic functionality that can determines its categorization. Beta Bank are a German outfit examining how this impacts on innovation.

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