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October 2019

  1. Furnishing and lighting an outdoor hospitality space

    Furnishing and lighting an outdoor hospitality space
    Emu Luciole Table Lamp One of the great joys of Australia is living life outdoors, and hospitality venues with terraces, rooftops, courtyards and decks are often sought-after destinations all year-round. But designing an exterior space involves a number of challenges that differ to interior spaces, and the need for different furniture and lighting. We spoke to Angus Edward, associate interior designer...
  2. Plants that make it easy being green

    Plants that make it easy being green
    Houseplants are an easy way to introduce colour and life into a home and office, and to add a verdant flourish to your desk. If you don’t have green fingers, are a forgetful gardener or spend long periods of time away from home or your desk, these plants will continue to prosper even when water is hard to come by...
  3. Sneak preview: New from EMU

    Sneak preview: New from EMU
    EMU got us excited with its new outdoor furniture collections presented in Milan this year. With temperatures warming up, here’s a preview of two of our new favourites that are perfect for life outdoors. Carousel  Designed by Sebastian Herkner, Carousel has handcrafted appeal yet is made from industrial, weather-resistant materials to endure outdoor conditions. The Carousel collection comprises a series...
  4. KE-ZU’s Favourite Outdoor Projects

    KE-ZU’s Favourite Outdoor Projects
    With summer just around the corner we can’t wait to spend more time outside. These are five of KE-ZU’s favourite outdoor projects that have us dreaming of warm summer evenings and lazy days in the sun. Home Ground, Adelaide Convention Centre Home Ground is a relaxed family-friendly destination on Adelaide’s Riverbank with indoor and outdoor dining and stunning views of...
  5. Project we love: Saké Manly

    Project we love: Saké Manly
    Luchetti Krelle took a light touch to the design of Saké Manly, creating a relaxed harbourside restaurant and bar infused with the luxe minimalism of the Saké brand. Manly is Luchetti Krelle’s fourth Saké venue, following The Rocks, Brisbane and Hamer Hall, with Andreu World’s Smile chairs linking the four restaurants together. Image source: Luchetti Krelle Photographer credit: Anson Smart Perched...
  6. This is not your stay-at-home Mom

    This is not your stay-at-home Mom
    Mom is a graphic collection of steel chairs that invites people to spend time outdoors. The softly curved seat and backrest offer exceptional comfort, and the solid colour palette is fresh and versatile. Designed by Florent Coirier for EMU, Mom is inspired by traditional Japanese trays. Florent’s products are characterised by their strong design language, appearing simple at first glance...
  7. KE-ZU keeps it personal

    KE-ZU keeps it personal
    We believe human connection and personalisation are the magic in a transaction, especially one such as furniture, which is about people after all. We value our client relationships and we work hard to make sure our clients feel well looked after every step of the way. We encourage clients to make appointments at our Alexandria showroom so that we can...
  8. Mark Swanton takes a jaunt to visit Enea in Spain

    Mark Swanton takes a jaunt to visit Enea in Spain
    KE-ZU founder and owner Mark Swanton swapped Bondi Beach for Basque Country this September to mark the 25th anniversary of KE-ZU being Enea’s exclusive Australian distributor. Joined by Chris Fullalove from Zenith Interiors, Mark toured the Enea facilities and celebrated the occasion with a gastronomic feast. Enea is located 30 minutes’ drive from San Sebastian and is surrounded by a...
  9. Hospitality Design 2019/20: What’s Your Point of Difference?

    Hospitality Design 2019/20: What’s Your Point of Difference?
    Social media and the sharing economy have had a significant influence on hospitality venues, both directly and indirectly. It’s meant that hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés need a clear point of difference in order to attract and retain customers, and has translated into eye-catching, meaningful design. Here are five trends we’re seeing in hospitality design.  Create an authentic experience Customers...

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