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February 2012

  1. Smirnoff Presents Nanami Cowdroy...

    A Sydney born and raised artist, Cowdroy's signature intricate archival ink pen and air gun artworks are in demand from San Francisco to Japan... and beyond!
  2. INSTALLED: New Brighton Hotel, Manly

    The four storey New Brighton Hotel in Manly has undergone a significant overhaul with a bold contemporary edge that belies its heritage exterior.
  3. Walker & Bromwich...

    Enter the “other world” of Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich. These two British artists explore the place of art in effecting social and political change through engaging comunities and members of the public to examine their relationship to the environment they inhabit and reflect on a global context.
  4. INSTALLED: Shangri La - Barr Al Jissah, Oman

    Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort in the Sultanate’s capital of Muscat, nestles alongside the sparkling bay of Al Jissah. Its three hotels are host a plethora of Andreu World's seating collections.
  5. Great Halls of Fire...

    The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has taken another step to cementing its place in the annals of Australian design history with the unveiling of its dramatic new Great Hall.

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