• Go outside with the new Nuez

    Go outside with the new Nuez

    Patricia Urquiola’s best-selling Nuez collection for Andreu World was born from the idea of a gently folded sheet of paper, creating a soft and embracing form. Urquiola and Andreu World have now developed a new outdoor version of the Nuez chair designed specifically for withstanding the weather and external environment. Like so much ...
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  • Tina, a tribute to the beauty of simplicity.

    Tina, a tribute to the beauty of simplicity.

    The Tina collection by Benedetta Tagliabue for Expormim is an ode to natural materials and the craftsmanship of wicker. Benedetta Tagliabue, principal of the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio, which was founded with Enric Miralles in 1994, has designed this seat with a clear intention: to recover the craft tradition of the wicker in orde...
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  • FUTURA OBJECTS by Número26

    FUTURA OBJECTS by Número26

    "Don’t take the future too seriously, it’s already happened!" says Sancal. Sancal's Futura Collection’s retro-futuristic theme reaches new heights with a collection of  limited edition sculptures. The inspiration for the Futura Collection comes from 60’s futurism. So artists José Ángel Rodríguez Corral and Miriam Hernánde...
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  • Milan Preview & Guide 2016

    Milan Preview & Guide 2016

    Milan Preview & Guide | Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016 With the celebrated Milan Furniture Fair beginning Tuesday April 12, this is your exclusive KE-ZU supplier guide! Download your copy of the full guide now. You can stay up to date with what's happening at the fair here and can WIN YOUR FAVOURITE NEW PRODUCT by enter...
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  • New World Style and Old World Charm: How to Cohesively Mix the Two

    New World Style and Old World Charm: How to Cohesively Mix the Two

    A lot of people look at an unfurnished space and find the idea of filling it with furniture and accessories quite daunting. Some people find it hard to envision exactly what they want in an interior, while others are overwhelmed by the opinions of others who share the space but don’t want to participate in the decoration of it. Some...
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  • FFF | Inside TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport

    FFF | Inside TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport

    TWA Terminal, New York City; by Eero Saarinen and Associates (1962). In 1962, New York City's TWA terminal at JFK Airport set the bar for futuristic urban design. Today, the tubular terminal  is abandoned, following TWA’s financial deterioration and eventual sale to American Airlines. Great Big Story  has unlocked its doors in th...
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  • Minimalism: Why Less Can Be More

    Minimalism: Why Less Can Be More

    Minimalist individuals embrace living a life with less, and minimalist architecture and design is no exception. Spaces are stripped of anything non-essential, and only the fundamental necessities remain. Those who practice this lifestyle will appreciate the simple elegance of design that is stripped bare. House in Nagoya 01 by S...
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  • CTZ by Taku Kumazawa

    CTZ by Taku Kumazawa

    CTZ sets new standards in the design of flip-top tables for meeting, conference and training rooms. Designed by Taku Kumazawa to complement the DAYLIGHT stacking chair program. Winner of the Good Design Award in Japan, CTZ flip-top tables bring to the market features that enable anyone to use the table confidently at any time. CTZ fl...
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  • Euforia Tapas Restaurant

    Euforia Tapas Restaurant

    The Euforia Tapas Restaurant is located in one of the main tourist attractions in Mallorca, Cala Ratjada. Vondom's Africa and Wall Street Chairs and Mari-sol Tables all designed by Eugeni Quittlet, fill the space. “What the sea dragged to the shore, on the shore it shall remain”, is the starting point of the project. The weatheri...
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  • What Can We Expect From the Office of the Future?

    What Can We Expect From the Office of the Future?

    Sony Music offices showcasing the flexibility, openness, and collaborative environment of new office spaces - Ke-Zu Planning and designing offices isn’t just about choosing pretty furniture and arranging desks. There’s a lot of considerations to be made, from the diversity of people who’ll be working there to the emerging techno...
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