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September 2015

  1. A tribute to Pierre Paulin

    A tribute to Pierre Paulin

    As one of the major designers of the 20th century famous for producing seats shaped like mushrooms, tulips and ribbons, it is little wonder that Les Puces du Design and the German gallery owner Jean-Yves have come together to present a tribute to Pierre Paulin. The tribute will bring together, in one place, Paulin's extensive collection of seating designs which challenge our...
  2. Unstructured Seating ...

    Unstructured Seating ...

    Does a comfy chair need to be bulky? Based on many of the offerings on the market, you might conclude as much. But Brandon Kim's new Lilt chair for Bernhardt Design proves otherwise—it is a sleek lounger with a wide seat that seems to balance precariously upon a stainless steel frame running along its edges, without any crossbar supports. Now...

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