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  • Furniture Free Friday | Let there be light ...

    Furniture Free Friday | Let there be light ...

    Calvin Klein’s New York Apartment, designed by Joseph D’Urso, 1976 From The NYT Book of Interior Design and Decoration. Photo Courtesy of AnotherMag AnotherMag is a frequent source of amusement and inspiration here at KE-ZU and Steven Holt's latest article "In Praise of Track Lighting" is no exception. Tracing its history , appli...
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  • Spotlight | Flat

    Spotlight | Flat

    Flat collection by  Jorge Pensi Design Studio for Vondom is highly versatile and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The collection features neutral lines and  beautifully formed aluminium legs which give the appearance that the pieces are floating mid air. Another distinctive characteristic is the side table joined to the m...
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  • Furniture For Thought | Vondom

    Furniture For Thought | Vondom

    24-Hour Party People Not many folks attend a Vondom party and come out of it completely unscathed. We are talking seriously passionate parties; parties where the Vondom poolside furniture gets a lot of use. Fortunately, the 24-hour-party people at Vondom take their approach to furniture and lighting design just as seriously as their a...
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  • Furniture Free Friday | Pitarque Robots

    Furniture Free Friday | Pitarque Robots

    Advertising agent Javier Acros Pitarque has combined his profession with his childhood passion for robots creating this series of unique, handcrafted creatures. The robots are made up of parts that have their own history. The central body is formed from tins, boxes and parts of old machines, in a process of ‘urban archaeology’ t...
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  • News | Ettore Sottsas's Limited Edition Gold Shiva Vase

    News | Ettore Sottsas's Limited Edition Gold Shiva Vase

    The Italian architect and designer, Ettore Sottsass was one of the first to collaborate with BD back in the 70’s, 10 years before he became famous on a worldwide scale with the mythic Memphis group. That’s when Sottsass travelled regularly to Barcelona and produced various designs for the Catalan editor. The first one was a table ...
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  • Spotlight | Shine

    Spotlight | Shine

    Designed by acclaimed designer Arik Levy for EMU, Shine's elegant and versatile personality is suitable for multiple residential, hospitality or contract applications. Use of aluminium as the essential material not only makes this collection extremely light and functional but also highly weather resistant and practical to use in co...
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  • Furniture For Thought | EMU

    Furniture For Thought | EMU

    Nothing quite captures la dolce vita like EMU. This is a true and unembellished story: A middle-aged American woman came into the KE-ZU showroom a couple of months ago, wanting to know if we sold emu. We told her that EMU is one of our most popular brands and proceeded to show her a couple of groovy Retrouve wire chairs. “They are l...
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  • News |  Artifort In the Eyes/Nights Only popup hotel

    News | Artifort In the Eyes/Nights Only popup hotel

    During the Biennale Interieur (International Biennial for creative interior design) in Kortrijk this year, our supplier Artifort had a space in Kortrijk City, at Eyes/Nights Only at the Broel school - an exciting concept by DIFT, as it is both a pop-up hotel and gallery. Each room, was transformed by brands and designers into an arti...
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  • Spotlight | Vis-A-Vis

    Spotlight | Vis-A-Vis

    During the thirties in Paris, Salvador Dali surrounded himself with a circle of friends involved in the application of art to varied disciplines, above and beyond the study of pure pictorial art. Jean-Michel Frank, a furniture maker and decorator of recognized prestige in the Paris of those years, was on very good terms with Dalí an...
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  • Furniture For Thought | BD Barcelona

    Furniture For Thought | BD Barcelona

    A giant in the world of design, BD Barcelona combines Spanish flair with an artistic sensibility. Barcelona is one of our favourite places to hang out. Why? Lots of reasons; for a start it was founded as a Roman city in the Middle Ages and merged with the Kingdom of Aragon, which we think sounds kind of like something from Game of Thr...
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