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July 2018

  1. Switched on: LZF lighting and the workplace

    The placement and quality of lighting in the workplace can have a significant influence on workers. In addition to aesthetic advantages, lighting can impact health and wellbeing, having an effect on mood, productivity, performance and safety. Here are some tips on workplace lighting, with help from our friends at LZF. Individual lights on and above workstations provide employees with more...
  2. In the spotlight: Q&A with Josep Lluscá

    Award-winning Spanish designer Josep Lluscà applies his talent and experience to a broad range of design fields including lighting, furniture, electronics, toys, packaging and urban facilities. With an almost 45-year career, Josep has received worldwide accolades and has been at the origin of many Spanish design brands, including Fluvia and Enea. Addressing the practical considerations of form and function, his...

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