Houseplants are an easy way to introduce colour and life into a home and office, and to add a verdant flourish to your desk. If you don’t have green fingers, are a forgetful gardener or spend long periods of time away from home or your desk, these plants will continue to prosper even when water is hard to come by.

Silver jade

Silver Jade (aka money tree) is a firm favourite in the succulent family, growing beautiful star-like soft-pink flowers in spring. Succulents store water in their thick leaves, so they only need watering about once a week, and they typically thrive in sunlight and dry air.


Cast-iron plant

With the name cast-iron plant (or bar-room plant), you know this is one extremely hardy houseplant. Native to Japan and Taiwan, the cast-iron plant (also known as haran or baran) can deal with neglect. It isn’t fussy about regular watering, preferring to be too dry than too wet, and it requires little light, making an excellent choice for filling a dark corner.

Golden barrel cactus

Also known as golden ball or mother-in-law's cushion, the golden barrel cactus is endemic to east-central Mexico. Like succulents, this cactus doesn’t need a lot of water, but it does love sunshine, wanting to soak up as many hours of daylight as possible. The plant is near indestructible, living up to 100 years, and it will reward you each spring with bright yellow or orange flowers.

Ghost plant

While many of your unwatered plants may look like a ghost, an actual ghost plant is a succulent with fleshy, silvery foliage. The no-nonsense plant is a survivor, and can live with damaged stems, in cold temperatures and with little to no water.

Devil’s ivy

Devil’s ivy, or pothos, is one of the most popular houseplants, whether you’re adept at looking after them or not. Fortunately, they’re perfect for forgetful gardeners because they are undemanding and easy to grow. They do well in different light conditions and are tolerant to drought, if you forget to water them for even a couple of weeks.

In addition to bringing colour and life to your home, office and desk, houseplants purify indoor air, helping remove stale air and chemicals, and act as natural humidifiers.

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