We believe human connection and personalisation are the magic in a transaction, especially one such as furniture, which is about people after all. We value our client relationships and we work hard to make sure our clients feel well looked after every step of the way.

We encourage clients to make appointments at our Alexandria showroom so that we can prepare for your visit and ensure your needs and enquiries are met – especially if you’re visiting from interstate. If you already know what you might be looking for, we’ll arrange for specific furniture and upholstery samples to be brought from the warehouse to the showroom.

If appointments take a little longer, no sweat. We always ensure our clients are fed, hydrated and caffeinated so decisions aren’t being made on an empty stomach. Plus, we enjoy getting to know you better over lunch or dinner.

Once your order is made, our project management team will keep you informed about the order and lead times. Our warehouse manager, Sam Borg, will coordinate the delivery, and our warehouse team will assemble the furniture, position it into place and take all packaging and rubbish with them. For after-sales service, Richard Swanton is your first port of call for further assistance or any unforeseen problems that may arise.

We also love getting to know you in a more social setting and have been hosting our annual Spanish Film Festival for 10 years. We organise events at MCA ARTBAR, private viewings at Art Gallery of NSW and like to get creative and hands-on in ceramics classes. When we have exciting new products to launch, we host showroom and supplier events so we can extend all knowledge to you.

You can read more about members of the KE-ZU team on our blog and Instagram stories, and come Milan Furniture Fair, you can get on-the-ground insight from our ‘ZU Insiders.

If we haven’t met you yet, make an appointment at our showroom – we’d love to get to know you. And if we have met you, drop by for another visit – we’ll show you what’s new at KE-ZU.