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Momofuku Seiobo

  1. A Zoom in on Lens...

    Here at KE-ZU we love diving into our product catalogue and learning more about said product and the creative driver behind it. Looking above our heads to our intelligent lighting system, we catch a glimpse of one of our most intriguing products, the genius “On Line” lighting system by Belgian architect/designer Bart Lens for manufacturer Eden. Lens, a fascinating subject...
  2. A win for Momofuku Seiobo!

    We expect that you may remember Sydney’s Momofuku Seiobo from an intense dining experience.  That said, you may also remember Momofuku Seiobo from our INSTALLED section back in November. With notable mentions on the tasty offerings and the design which form the rockstar sister of the New York institution, it’s no surprise that Momofuku Seiobo has garnered yet another notation! ...
  3. INSTALLED: Momofuku Seiobo, Sydney

    Outside of New York there is only one other of David Chang's Momofuku restaurants and it's just opened in Sydney. It looks immaculate!

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