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marti Guixe

  1. Good Design (In A Nutshell)...

    The humble piggy bank undergoes an idealistic facelift in this Good Green Design Award Winner from Spaniard Martí Guixé.
  2. Milan 2011: FREE PORT : Martí Guixé for BD

    Martí Guixé: infamously the anti-designer, well-known for liking to shake up the order of things: "he likes to turn things round" - in his latest commission by BD he continues to do so.
  3. Showtime...

    Salone Mobile 2011 kicks off in Milan in April and the buzz is already evident from all the way over here in Sydney. We know many of you are going to be on the ground in Italy in coming weeks so we wanted to share some of the upcoming, not to be missed launches and installations.

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