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digit rug

  1. Zuzunaga + Nani Marquina Talk New York...

    Two design icons are getting together in New York City to talk design, "digit" and all things rugs, if you're stateside we'd suggest you pop in!
  2. The Story: 2011 collection from nanimarquina

    Continuing our new video feature “The Story” we present a short, visually rich clip that gives an insight into the intricacy and detail that is given to the production of each and every rug from nanimarquina.
  3. Power Of The Pixel...

    Trends come and go, styles die-off and fads always fade, but that doesn't mean we don't get right royally stuck into something once we decide we're quite taken with it.
  4. Spanish Success...

    Interiors From has launched it's Hits of 2010 winners list. The site, dedicated to proudly promoting the vibrancy and ingenuity of the Spanish design scene, has compiled a list of they best bits that went into production in 2010. We're not surprised to find many of our suppliers included in the collection: Sancal, Andreu World, Nanimarquina and BD Barcelona.

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