Trends come and go, styles die-off and fads always fade, but that doesn't mean we don't get right royally stuck into something once we decide we're quite taken with it. To look around at current releases in textiles, interiors and accessories it's hard not to be lambasted with reminders that we are in the thick of a digital age.  Where sleek, curved and spacey were formerly symbols of the modernity, our tastes our now firmly being retrained to appreciate, nay: devour, the humble pixel.  Whether it's a derivation of retro-computer games or a study in image quality reduction, the fact of the matter is objects are being simplified to their most basic visual skeleton - colour blocks. Tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show, Renault will lift the lid to the public on their R-SPACE concept car.  With a cabin roof that mutates from black glass to metallic gold in a shower of pixels, to it's adjustable extruded squares that offer "infinite configurations" for the rear of the compartment: this interior concept is very much placing itself in the sights of on-trend fashion conscious car lovers -- not a vinyl seat or woollen cover in sight! Not vastly dissimilar in it's execution is the 2009 Do Lo Rez collection by Ron Arad: a modular sofa for Moroso matched by the irregularly shaped rug collection for nanimarquina.  Here we have another immersive pixel experience: sit on, walk on and be amongst the three dimensionality of the trend and afford your layout maximum versatility in the process. While we're on interiors: this week the first Cristian Zuzunaga rug arrived in Australia.  From the Digit collection for Spain's nanimarquina and exclusively on display at KE-ZU's new Sydney showroom, this piece must be seen to be believed.  Quite aside from our love of Zuzunaga's other works to date the complexity of this design's colours, their placement and its vibrant interplay with surrounding furniture and changing light make it such a joy. Last but not least: heading outdoors and want to take the digital feel with you?  Basil Bangs' Le Pixel Umbrella (available from Terrace Outdoor Living or Eco Outdoor) is the most playful way we know of to stake your claim the beach.  A riot of colour that will have you instantly identifiable amongst the crowd, never lose your place again!