Vis-à-vis de Gala | BD Barcelona Design During the thirties in Paris, Salvador Dali surrounded himself with a circle of friends involved in the application of art to varied disciplines, above and beyond the study of pure pictorial art. Jean-Michel Frank, a furniture maker and decorator of recognized prestige in the Paris of those years, was on very good terms with Dalí and together they worked on several ideas. In the 1990s a group of experts, led by Oscar Tusquets, set themselves the task of turning the furniture Dalí had drawn for Jean-Michel Frank into reality. Amongst these items was Vis-A-Vis, a two sided seat in shocking parma violet hue. Visa and Dali Set in a serpentine arrangement, Vis-A-Vis was initially intended for intimate conversation, with the meandering, partitioning back allowing for individual privacy. The graceful shape is accentuated by the opulent natural silk upholstery, tufted back and seat. The wooden base is lined with polished lacquered brass plate, whilst polished and varnished cast brass travels across the backrest like an outstretched arm, resting its hand upon the luxurious fabric. Visa and Dali 2 More art than furniture this iconic design is now offered in a limited release 'black' model to mark the 20th Anniversary of the "Maestro's" death.