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  1. Furniture For Thought | EMU

    Nothing quite captures la dolce vita like EMU. This is a true and unembellished story: A middle-aged American woman came into the KE-ZU showroom a couple of months ago, wanting to know if we sold emu. We told her that EMU is one of our most popular brands and proceeded to show her a couple of groovy Retrouve wire chairs...
  2. INSTALLED: New Brighton Hotel, Manly

    The four storey New Brighton Hotel in Manly has undergone a significant overhaul with a bold contemporary edge that belies its heritage exterior.
  3. Hats Off: Good Food Guide 2011 Winners...

    ...what a year! Winners are grinners and we'd like to extend our congratulations to some of the biggest names in Sydney's Culinary Community and acknowledge those new comers who have earned themselves a coveted "HAT" in the Herald's annual dining review and awards.  Check out some pictures from the awards night here. The team at the stunning Manly Pavilion...
  4. Ke$ha rides an emu.

    Ke$ha spotted in Manly, Sydney enjoying Emu's Ivy outdoor furniture collection at the new Manly Pavilion.

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