Enter the "other world" of Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich.  These two British artists explore the place of art in effecting social and political change through engaging comunities and members of the public to examine their relationship to the environment they inhabit and reflect on a global context.
Within this liminal space we create objects and situations that lead our audience on transformative experiences inviting them to consider an ‘other’ way of being.
The three images above represent three quite separate 'social sculptures' and performances.
Celestial Radio is a seductive and functional sculptural object, a radio station housed on a sailing boat whose surface is covered by 60, 0000 inch square mirror tiles; she splinters daylight as if transmitting Morse code messages. Love Cannon is a pink inflatable cannon, designed to shoot balloons into the skies in an action for peace. Sci-Fi Hot Tub - A floating hot tub contained within an inflatable iceberg. Designed to cocoon participants within warmth and comfort whilst floating amid sublime and sometimes hostile environments.