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toyo ito

  1. Hermès Sharpens Up...

    Hermès Sharpens Up...

    Toyo Ito saw great promise in many young Japanese designers as part of this years Prix Émile Hermès.
  2. YOU-ZU: Eduardo Villa

    YOU-ZU: Eduardo Villa

    We catch up with Eduardo from Villa +Villa, the multi-disciplinary team charged with reinventing the look of McDonalds Restaurants in Australia and abroad.
  3. ITO + BCN = Porta Fira...

    ITO + BCN = Porta Fira...

    Arguably Japan's most Internationally recognised architect and designer: Toyo Ito has made a striking, indelible mark on the Spanish design scene, adding his Modern Asian chapter to their multi-faceted design history. Hotel Santos Porta Fira in Barcelona's port district combines conference facilities, a cubist commercial tower and 110m tall hotel in a distinct irregularly shaped building referencing the form...

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