[gallery link="file"] Arguably Japan's most Internationally recognised architect and designer: Toyo Ito has made a striking, indelible mark on the Spanish design scene, adding his Modern Asian chapter to their multi-faceted design history. Hotel Santos Porta Fira in Barcelona's port district combines conference facilities, a cubist commercial tower and 110m tall hotel in a distinct irregularly shaped building referencing the form of a lotus flower.  As Ito has famously been quoted:
there is no better architecture than a tree
This reverence for natural form and organic structure is evidently carried through in the design of internal furnishings too.  Toyo Ito with Spanish firm Sancal collaborated on the public seating for the tower's vast foyer, the result is Konoha.  The gentle leaf-like bench seating affords the space a minimalism not compromising versatility.  When arranged circularly, each plays a part in creating a functional floral motif, begging to be repeated for ultimate visual effect. Beyond the main hall Sancal were entrusted with furnishing much of the hotel in it's rooms and common areas. The Lugano Armchair by Daniel Abate and the 1+1 small tables by Odos Design were designated for the suites; while the Nosso armchairs by La Cubitera and a special  customised edition of the Sax sofa by Rafa García was also used in one area of the grand lobby. In the restaurant, the Menu bench was adapted to surround a towering column decorated with plant motifs which were also reflected in the patterning underfoot - a reference to the Konoha collection.