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lievore altherr and molina

  1. INSTALLED: Adriano Zumbo

    Adriano Zumbo's star is on the rise, with his latest offering: "Zumbo Dessert Train" opening at The Star in Sydney, KE-ZU are proud to be along for the ride!
  2. INSTALLED: Westin Hotel Mumbai by Chada

    A look at Mumbai's premier hotel development that boasts overlooking the bustling metropolis.
  3. Orgatec Twenty Ten...

    Our fearless correspondent is safely back on local soils after a whirlwind trip through Japan, Germany, Belgium and the US taking in Orgatec, Interieurs and Tokyo Design Week. Today we're taking a peek at some of the items that piqued our interest at the recent Orgatec 2010 in Cologne.  The Spaniards were of course in fine form with SELLEX...

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