[gallery link="file"] Our fearless correspondent is safely back on local soils after a whirlwind trip through Japan, Germany, Belgium and the US taking in Orgatec, Interieurs and Tokyo Design Week. Today we're taking a peek at some of the items that piqued our interest at the recent Orgatec 2010 in Cologne.  The Spaniards were of course in fine form with SELLEX and ENEA presenting some well honed new lines as well as the Japanese group AICHI unveiling some new pieces we are very excited about LORCA from Sellex.  A striking collection of meeting tables and office desks from Abad Diseño.  A sleek marriage of metal and timber with the added benefit of reaching up to 3.5 metres! Lievore, Altherr & Molina have come together with SELLEX to produce the SLAM Chair Program, also launched to much acclaim at the fair.
Available, on a first stage, in five different frames (aluminium, aluminium with armrests, steel tube, steel tube with armrests and steel rod) and four different shells (3D wood(treated wood), wood, polypropylene and upholstered).
From the signature Lievore, Altherr & Molina (LAM) clean lines and Sellex's (S) renowned manufacturing techniques, we can tell this smart little SLAM program is poised for big things. ENEA pulled out all the stops with the launch of their new folding meeting and conference table system: FOLIO.  The ingenious engineering allows the tables to effortlessly transition from folded to being ready for use and enables relocation with minimal fuss, all thanks to rollers contained in the foot that remains in contact with the floor when needed and folds away when required stationary. The team from AICHI came across from Japan and displayed the new TIPO chair available in an array of back details and colours and of course stackable.  More on this as it comes to hand.