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  1. Discover What We Saw in Milan

    Discover What We Saw in Milan
    Step into a World of Design Indulgence Our team recently returned from the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where we had the opportunity to encounter the latest furniture trends and designs. It was breathtaking to witness the creativity and craftsmanship of some of the world's most prestigious designers. During our visit, we enjoyed meeting with our esteemed suppliers and designers, such...
  2. Milan is Coming To You

    Milan is Coming To You
    We are ready to embark on a Milan journey, and we invite you to indulge in a feast for the senses with us. As the design world prepares for the 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile, KE-ZU is excited to share insider information so you can make the most of the event. From April 18th to 23rd, the Salone...
  3. Reimagining the Workplace

    Reimagining the Workplace
      Office dynamics have drastically changed, with the pandemic forcing many organisations to rethink how workspaces are structured and designed. As companies aim to bring employees back to the workplace, office design is a key factor in making it a space people actually want to be in. Instead of prioritising cost, many employers are now looking at tailored spaces to...
  4. Caring For The Only Planet We Have

    Caring For The Only Planet We Have
    Investing in sustainable furniture is essential not only for the environment but also for your business reputation. Here we explain why.   Sustainability should be a key consideration when choosing healthcare furniture     As we have seen from the last few years of natural disasters, the devastating effects of climate change will impact us all. As individuals and businesses...
  5. New Year, New Projects, New Possibilities

    New Year, New Projects, New Possibilities
    Thirsty for a refreshing dose of design inspiration for 2023?   To spark your creativity, we compiled seven unique project installations that all share the common goal of creating better environments to live, work and relax in. Join us as we appreciate the authenticity of those installations, highlighting designers' originality in crafting interiors that stand out in a world full...
  6. How Caring For Staff Can Improve Healthcare

    How Caring For Staff Can Improve Healthcare
    Why the wellbeing of carers should be integral to any healthcare organisation’s furniture decisions.   Valuing the people who care when choosing healthcare furniture   There are many factors to consider when choosing furniture for healthcare facilities and aged care homes. How will the furniture fit in with the décor? Will it be comfortable for residents? Are the pieces durable...
  7. The Importance of Human-Centred Furniture Design in Healthcare

    The Importance of Human-Centred Furniture Design in Healthcare
    Patient and healthcare worker experience should be at the forefront of design for hospitals and aged care homes. Increasing evidence shows the physical environment can impact healthcare quality, and studies have shown that the most successful healthcare facilities are when human experience is part of the planning.   What is human-centred design and why should you consider it?   The...
  8. Summer Dreams are Designed Now

    Summer Dreams are Designed Now
    Summertime is around the corner, and we can't wait to savor the alfresco lifestyle. Furniture solutions for outdoor spaces must be practical and selected to achieve the desired atmosphere.  KE-ZU is a trusted reference for outdoor furniture that harmoniously integrates aesthetics and functionality while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.   EXPLORE OUR OUTDOOR COLLECTION   Below we have some...
  9. Humanising Healthcare Interiors

    Humanising Healthcare Interiors
    KE-ZU’s thoughtful furniture solutions help to bring warmth and comfort to healthcare interiors, to improve patient experiences. With growth at an exponential rate, the healthcare industry is rethinking how interiors look and feel. Indeed, across healthcare and wellness spaces, there is a growing need to create welcoming, warm and soothing environments. This desire to craft more comfortable environments has brought...
  10. Axona Aichi Introduces Its Futuristic X50 Stacking Chair

    Axona Aichi Introduces Its Futuristic X50 Stacking Chair
    The X50 is a high-density stacking chair developed by axona AICHI, an expert manufacturer of public furniture. It was designed for the future to deliver a wide array of innovative values. The X50 chair was designed by Taku Kumazawa, an in-house designer at axona AICHI. He says there are four essential factors for the design of a stacking chair. First...

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