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mellow sofa

  1. Customised Comfort - Bernhardt Design’s Mellow Sofa

    Bernhardt Design’s Mellow sofa has an ingenious twist: the user can customise it to enhance their own levels of comfort. Indeed, in a world where we seek an increasingly individualised experience, the Mellow sofa can be personally tailored to our relaxation and postural preferences. Bernhardt Design is renowned for its highly skilled craftsmanship and is a leader in promoting the...
  2. Mellow by Océane Delain

      Designed by Océane Delain, the Mellow sofa for Bernhardt Design was conceived by a desire for a traditional yet customizable piece of furniture that can be tailored to the individual needs of its users in form, function, and aesthetic. Delain, a designer and scenographer at the digital fabrication agency FabShop in Paris, initially conceived Mellow while studying at the École Nationale...

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