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Immerse yourself in familiar domestic rituals whilst exploring the newest designs from the Milan Fair, ICFF New York and Neocon in a life affirming installation by Other Architects. Showcasing furniture and lighting from leading international brands Andreu World, Axona Aichi, Bernhardt Design, Enea, Expormim, Forestier, Lzf, Parachilna, Sancal and Vondom.

Take the direct bus between The Galleria and 69 O’Riordan Street on both Friday & Saturday! Free basement parking available at 69 O’Riordan Street...elevator to Level 1 for KE-ZU and other Sydney Indesign showrooms.

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Tickets selling fast! Livelife Talk with Sam Marshall, Shelley Simpson, Tim Ross & Nick Lobo Friday 14th August, 12.00 pm Longevity & Icons: Is the age of the icon over? Don't forget to use the discount code LLVIP to get 25% off. Buynow

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The Project

Rituals: The Art of Tradition

In collaboration with Other Architects / otherothers

Perhaps, in the absence of communal life and collective belief, it is the routines and habits of the home that constitute our remaining engagement with ritual. In our closed and hidden spaces, we harbour secret superstitions and private rites.

Far from being inconsequential, these domestic rituals are our way of affirming our place in the world, of instilling meaning amidst the chaos of contemporary life.


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