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Fontal Armchair designed by Oscar Tusquets for Expormim.

Fontal?’s look reminds us of a traditional chair that has been given a new appearance, yet it maintains lightness, warmth and charm.

?Expormim have said “the project was born from the desire to take back rattan as a noble material, building on the rich tradition of craftsmanship in our country that supports its use.?” To that end, they tried to give the hundred-year-old technique a new look, which was achieved by substituting the traditional strutting and joint wrapping for a twinning technique to join one reed to the next. With this innovative option, the designers created a flexible yet resistant structure that is very lightweight. They define the chair as ?“light, warm, charming and luxurious in the true meaning of the word“.?

Fontal and the entire Expormim collection are now available nationally through KE-ZU!

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