We are never surprised by our friends at SANCAL.  Ever.  Known for their forward-thinking, the SANCAL motto is clear:
Our premise is to design products which go forward with us, which convey value and allow us to create singular, yet defining spaces.
... and define spaces they do.  The quirky SANCAL catalogue stretches far and wide, all pieces bearing the hallmark of the Spaniard’s cutting edge method: adopt unique geometry, mix with a fun palette of colour and away they go.

One of the latest SANCAL additions into their already diverse repertoire is Juan Ibáñez’s NUDO family of tables.  With the inclusion of natural oak, stained oak and marble into the material box, the NUDO Tables add a mischievous natural flair. Just look at those legs....

The visual mastery of the a-symmetrical balance is generated by the various heights of the two cross beams which structure the dining table, and the three legs of the smaller tables, forming a playground for the eye. Optionally presenting itself in the paired back state of unstained oak, you’d be forgiven for assuming the name ‘Nudo’ had different connotations to its actual reference, the knots of wood found in its natural state.  Colour hasn’t been forgotten here though, with NUDO being offered in red and yellow and dusty pink.

Available in three sizes, the smaller having the ability to be utilised as a stool, we can’t find a reason not to love the naughty little tables. NUDO is available from KE-ZU and its distributors nationally.