Meet Culdesac. All of them. This multidisciplinary collective out of Valenica, Spain are fast cementing their place on the global design scene.  Established in 2002 by Francisco Pons, Alberto Martinez, Pepe Garcia and Pilar Roger the CuldeSac concept is to simply embrace the diversity of creative pursuits and through collaboration create memorable experiences, produce definitive products and reinforce iconic brands.
The name CuldeSac means the end of the street of course, but in Valenciano, cul de sac is like the bottom of a woman´s handbag-a place you can find anything and everything mixed. This is what we love.
Their client roll call for the first decade of practice is nothing but impressive and serves as testament to the quality of their work.  Commissions for Swarovski, Aston Martin, Tiffany & Co, Lladró and H&M are just some of their highest profile projects.

KE-ZU is honoured to be unveiling Whisper and Atlantic, two impeccable collections the Spaniards have created for US manufacturer Bernhardt Design.  With the official launch of Bernhardt Design mid 2012, the impeccable craftsmanship of these two fine design houses will be presented in Australia for the first time.  Sitting in the Bernhardt stable alongside works by Arik Levy, Jaime Hayon, Ross Lovegrove and Suzanne Trocme - these pieces are afforded the esteem they are due.