In November the 2011 Tokyo Designer's Week (TDW) saw Spanish brands curated en masse in an exhibition titled: SPAINALIGHT a celebration of 'light and passion' staged at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo .
Spainalight’s mise-en-scene pays tribute to the warm, Mediterranean light which Spanish designers make full use of in their work – a charming, playful light conducive to creativity, which celebrates innovation and avant-garde experimentation.
Showcasing 116 pieces by 43 designers and 52 companies, the exhibition was very well recieved and highlighted the shared Spanish/Japanese ethos of innovation as a driving force in creative persuits.  Sancal, nanimarquina, Vondom, Andreu World, and Lzf Lamps (amongst others) celebrated the recent works of Patricia Urquiola, Bouroullec Studio, Mariscal and Jaime Hayon! Recent disasters in Japan did little to dissuade participants and visitors to the annual fixture on the creative calendar.  German architect Florian Busch was engaged as creative director for 2011.  In the central exhbition centre not far from SPAINALIGHT the concept of exhibiting was given a fresh perspective:
By putting no restriction on the booth height and by arranging the booths in checkerboard street pattern, we have created a town-like exhibition space...