The fervour of youth and all the ingenuity and creativity that comes energetically bounding along with it never ceases to astound. In a country where emerging designers are consistently nurtered there are two young Spaniards really standing out from the crowd.  Meet Cristina Alonso and Isaac Piñeiro... aka Nadadora. One part graphic designer, the other industrial design trained, the whole of the parts present as a design studio that sees little benefit in limiting creativity to their respective disciplines, rather embracing the relationship between the two. Their similarities and contradictions are explored and expressed through their wonderfully diverse portfolio. The studio, at only five years old, has already developed works for Sagen Ceramics, Almerich Lighting, Sancal and Nutella,  before that they have each independantly flexed their creative muscle working with some of Spains largest design houses, in Cristina's case: Lzf lamps. The beauty of their work is that humour and a sense of playfulness are worn proudly - there is no pretense and things are kept endearingly simple. Keep an eye on these two... the future looks bright as a button.