Only one year on from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) announcing Frank Gehry as it's architect charged with refurbishment of their Ultimo based Business Faculty: the design has been unveiled. Today in Sydney the "Crinkly, Wrinkly" faculty building with a glass and brick facade was unveiled with Gehry conceding controversy as an inevitable hurdle in Sydney-siders eventually coming to love the building.
junk is built in cities around the world and nobody really complains... This is a small building in the context of Sydney I don't think it is going to destroy the town, I promise.
With admission that the building was very much designed from the inside - out, Mr Gehry has via lengthy consultation with student and staff bodies, avoided construction of a monolith unable to serve it's primary internal purposes, effectively, whilst promoting interactivity.  It's function as a mini-city within the fabric of it's community was at the fore of the design process. Externally the wrinkle and fold in one facade is attributed to the challenge of making a large scale architectural development of any kind; humane.  On the Harris Street frontage, the jutting angles of multi-stroey glass sheets juxtaposes wonderfully. The 81 year old Gehry concluded by saying that once built he was confident the buildings would be embraced by the community.  The $150M project is due for completion in 2014.