[gallery link="file" columns="4"] It's not that we're over-eaters or that we have a fixation on Italian foods but again, the KE-ZU Blog seems to have come full circle and we find ourselves talking about Pizza. Is that so bad? The difference this time is that we are firing out a big thumbs up to one of the coolest places in Sydney to sit and eat the dough based wonder food: we urge you to pop into Bondi Pizza.  Situated on the 6th floor of the recently refurbished Westfield Bondi Junction, this eatery is not your average take-away or food court fare.  This is a full blown Italian restaurant that has some of the coolest light fittings in Sydney... we should know they're some of ours! Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue for HIVE, the Little People Pendants (used here in a gold finish, in two sizes) make one hell of an impact in the huge atrium, complimented by day with sweeping views across Sydney Harbour.  The gang over at Giant Design are responsible for this project and we reckon they've managed to make these Little People anything but wall flowers.  Quite a statement! With almost half a dozen immense shopping centres opening or undergoing extensive refurbishments in Inner Sydney in the next 18 months, we are in for some exciting retail and hospitality design unveilings. Over-eaters we're not, however shoppers we most definitely are!  So we'll be keeping you up to speed with the best and the rest as they pop up. (We insist!)