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For the want of a nail the shoe was lost...
..and so the rhyme goes, a ramshackle chain of events that ultimately see a battle lost and a kingdom conquered. Ok.... ok, so humour us for a moment: dismissing the tenuous shoe analogy and the context being that of a horse shoe, we can all concede (rather clumsily) that the fine folk over at Camper have had no such misfortune befall them in over a century.  Rather, the strength of their empire has been built on the back of their trendy footwear being sought after globally.  Adding weight to their image as luxury lifestyle brand, is the recent opening of their second designer hotel in central Berlin: Casa Camper.  It would seem these guys are not mere cobblers! The hotel boasts 51 rooms, the eight storey building decked out in the finest Spanish furnishings from Sancal, bd Barcelona, Nanimarquina, Andreu World and Sellex, a line-up that could see the whole venture justifiably stand in as KE-ZU's Berlin showroom! The project has been underway for four years helmed by architect Jordi Tió and interior designer Fernando Amat, a response to the runaway success of Camper first hotel in Barcelona which was unveiled in 2005. In Camper's words:
Its design hinges on the idea of understated luxury as well as on sustainability, and aims to inspire its clients to share these positive values.
Having previously worked with man on the rise: Jaime Hayon and made extensive use of his showtime collection in their boutiques, the brand aligns itself closely with creativity and the design community wherever it finds itself trading, a deliberate move rationalised here:
Camper’s philosophy is that luxury can also be found in simplicity, discretion, authenticity and a healthy lifestyle.
Can't argue with that and neither, it seems, can the consumers.  Afterall, if the shoe fits...