As the beep-beep of the truck backing towards the showroom grows louder, the KE-ZU team invariably leap to their feet and make a bee line for the loading dock.

Sample arrival days are a bit like Christmas around these parts  -  With new designs and concepts being announced at Milan and Valencia Furniture Fairs in April and September respectively, it can be up to a year or two before the market ready product hits our shores, so the showroom samples and stock are always keenly awaited and given a royal welcome.

Next week sees the retro funk of SWAMP make it's presence well and truly felt on the showroom floor, in all it's attention grabbing glory.

Our samples will be sporting the "African Swamp" colour schemes, we are eager to see which fabrics we have been issued, as the design concept dictates that no two African Swamps are alike:

Its new multicoloured fabrics give Swamp a swinging African feel. And because no two of these fabrics are alike, your African Swamp will be truly unique. Assured exclusivity.

If your taste is for something a little more demure, fear not, the Swamp family is still offered in selected Missoni Home fabrics as well as a vast collection of alternatives.  Swamp can now also be ordered for outdoors!

Also touching down in the next fortnight will be the SIT family from Andreu World and the creative powerhouse: Lievore, Altherr & Molina.

Offered in sled, four leg and all manner of variations with seat and back rest customisation, this sleek little number is going to see big things in the residential and commercial market here.

Fancy meeting the new arrivals in person?  Give the showroom a call and we'll arrange an introduction...

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