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The countdown is on for The 69 O’Riordan Collective showrooms to open their doors to the interior design and architecture communities to explore Sydney’s premier design destination at our annual event.

KE-ZU is ready to welcome you to a memorable night filled with uniquely crafted attractions – all with a refreshing signature drink on hand, thanks to our sponsors at Hartshorn Distillery.

Win prizes, eat great food and try the world’s best Vodka.

KE-ZU Event

69 O'riordan Collective
Free basement parking available
69 O'riordan St, Alexandria 2015
69 O'riordan St, Alexandria NSW 2015

Hartshorn Distillery
Hartshorn Distillery We are proud to introduce Hartshorn Distillery as our sponsors for the event and have chosen to work with a brand that shares our sustainability commitment. Hartshorn Distillery was born from a need to reduce waste and a desire to flip the script on traditional spirit-making. They are the first in the world to produce spirits from sheep whey. Every product made must reduce waste and help the planet — environmentally, socially or both.

Crafting a Greener Tomorrow

We welcome you to discover our world of innovation in design and sustainable practices which will enhance all your projects.
In our mission to craft better environments to live, work, and relax in, we provide you with a gateway to a world of originality, innovation, and sustainability, with furniture solutions for various markets including:

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Win a prize!

"NO screws, NO nails, NO glue"
One of our exciting attractions is a hands-on assembling competition of Philippe Starck’s Mariya Lounge , a sustainable masterpiece for Andreu World, allowing you to feel Starck’s “NO screws, NO nails, NO glue" concept in real life.

Mariya Sofa
Andreu World Mariya Sofa & Lounge Chair

Participate in the competition to experience Starck’s groundbreaking concept in real life. Pick a partner and join the contest. The fastest team wins a Luciole Lamp from EMU.

“Mariya is not a sofa, it is a philosophy. The philosophy of the Elegance of the minimum, of the square root of things. 2 wooden boxes, 3 beams, 4 planks, no screws or bolts. We could have done it ourselves, except Andreu World does it better. Having less is always more, more and more.” ~ Philippe Starck.

This iconic design, born from the vision of Philippe Starck and Andreu World, embraces the circular economy, ensuring all components can be easily separated. The Mariya collection transcends mere furniture, embodying a way of life where we embrace the beauty of less, where each element has a purpose, and where every detail matters.

Circular economy with BIO® thermopolymer

Andreu World Nuez Lounge BioAndreu World Nuez Lounge Bio

Learn about the BIO® thermopolymer innovation from Andreu World, a compound derived from natural sources that boasts impressive biodegradability across diverse scenarios.

The revolutionary bioplastic debuted in Andreu World’s catalogue with Patricia Urquiola’s masterpiece "Nuez Lounge BIO®", a lounge chair for relaxation spaces that is part of the Nuez collection. A 100% Urquiola and 100% sustainable piece that contributes to creating more ecological interiors without sacrificing design and functionality. Nuez Lounge BIO® certainly goes a step further in sustainability. It's shell is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Andreu World has now made the BIO® thermopolymer available to other manufacturers as well, including VITRA - a Swiss design company.

Meet Taku Kumazawa, one of Japan’s most acclaimed eco-designers

Axona AICHI Gene Chairs Taku Kumazawa | Gene Chairs

At the event, you will also have the exclusive opportunity to connect with Taku Kumazawa and the team from axona AICHI, visiting all the way from Japan. Axona AICHI is one of the leaders in environmentally sustainable contract furniture.

The brand's Tipo chair, winner of the 2011 Red Dot Design Award in Germany and the 2014 Green Good Design Award, is a prime example of beautiful, eco-friendly design. The chair, which has nearly 100,000 units in use in Australia, is made from 100% recycled materials that can be 100% recycled again, making it an innovative and sustainable seating solution.

Another perfect example of AICHI’s environmental sustainability is the brand-new Gene chair. All resin components are made from 100% recycled polypropylene pre-consumer waste by-products, and all components are 100% recyclable. The simple construction enables disassembly for the recycling of each material type. The brand's commitment to sustainability extends to its manufacturing processes, which use environmentally friendly materials and production methods.

Feel the light with LZF

Furthermore, we invite you to interact live with Sandro Tothill, the visionary co-founder of the renowned Spanish lighting company LZF, through a silent disco session and explore the distinctive qualities of LZF's approach to wood veneer in lighting design. Through hands-on experience, you'll gain an understanding of their innovative material application firsthand.

LZF Lola Lamp

LZF Lola Lamp

LZF specialises in creating unique and innovative lighting designs using wood veneer, and its products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide and used in various commercial and residential projects. Their products are known for their intricate designs that showcase the natural beauty of wood veneer. One of the reasons for their success is undoubtedly the use of quality veneers made from tulipwood (a type of poplar sourced from FSC forests in the Eastern USA). Every LZF lamp is designed in-house and assembled by hand at the LZFs factory (an old winery) in the little village of Chiva on the outskirts of Valencia.

The company, which has collaborated with various designers, including Bodo Sperlein, Eli Gutierrez, Ramón Esteve, MUT Design, and Ray Power, focuses on sustainability and reducing its environmental impact, giving them several certifications for sustainable practices.

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