Lighting can be, on many occasions, an aspect of interior design that goes unnoticed. Possibly it is because the light is not as tactile as an armchair or a table can be.
However, you can feel light. It is the great star when we talk about mood-setting. The intensity and warmth of the lamps are synonymous with atmosphere.

Decorative lighting is precisely a tribute to light and its ability to spread emotions.


Why choose decorative lighting?


Lighting must, above all, meet a need. A lamp should illuminate a space. The property of decorative lighting is that, in addition to giving light, it has the ability to give character and compliment a space on an aesthetic level.


What type of luminaire do I need for my space?


There are 4 types of lamp:

- floor

- table

- pendant

- wall lamp


Floor lamps

They are good companions for sofas, armchairs, or to illuminate spaces where the ceilings are low, or there is no possibility of installing a pendant lamp.

Image above (from left to right) featuring: DENGLONG / ALISTAIR


Wall lights

Wall lights are usually used to illuminate passageways, such as corridors. They are also great next to beds, or on top of bathroom sinks.

Image above (from left to right) featuring: LIGHTOLIGHT A / LIGHTO A


Table lamps

Table lamps are useful, as the name suggests, on top of tables. Obviously, it depends on the use of each lamp, there are desk lamps, to illuminate while we work, or to give ambient light ... Surely in this class there is more diversity than in any other typology since there can be an infinity of uses thanks to its easy mobility.

Image above (from left to right) featuring: CHINOZ / ALISTAIR


Pendant lamps

Finally, pendant lamps are ideal for lighting dining rooms, bars, entrance halls and large spaces. They tend to be more exuberant, and protagonists than other typologies.

Image above (from left to right) featuring: ABALLS / MANILA


How many lamps do I need?


It is important to find a balance in terms of the number of lamps used. As we said, lamps must have their function. We tend, many times, to saturate the rooms with light for fear of falling short. It really depends on each space and the amount of light needed, but we prefer a rather limited number of lamps in order to give each of them their space.


How should the light be?


Light is something that impacts us in a subtle, but very profound way.

It can directly affect our mood.

A warm and soft light relaxes us, for this reason it is preferable to use it in areas such as the living room or bedrooms. On the other hand, intense white light invites for activity, therefore it is suitable for study or work places and areas of the house where you work such as the kitchen, the gym.
The perfect balance between intensity and warmth of light makes the difference when setting an atmosphere.
At Parachilna, we use a warmth of 2700K - it tends rather to yellow without being extreme. On the other hand, we manufacture our lamps for maximum compatibility with dimming systems to be able to modify the intensity of the light according to the occasion.

Undoubtedly, light is a world apart in interior design, full of details and variations that can be a bit overwhelming. However, it is best to keep it simple and elegant.


Thank you to our wonderful suppliers at Parachilna for providing us with such insightful information to help us make more informed decisions when looking for lighting.