If you’re a KE-ZU regular, you no doubt know or have encountered Sara Lund. Joining KE-ZU in 2016 as an account manager, Sara works on both the commercial and consumer side of the business, liaising with interior designers and end users. Here, we get to know Sara better. What is your role at KE-ZU?
I am the account manager for the commercial side of the business. This entails liaising with interior designers and helping them make their vision come to life. I also deal directly with end users, which makes the job very interesting as it means interacting with people from all walks of life – university facility managers, restaurant owners, project managers, even someone building or renovating their own home.
What attracted you to work at KE-ZU?
I was the export manager for one of the brands KE-ZU carries – Chorus Furniture, a British furniture supplier who I worked for in London.
What was your career path into high-end furniture design?
I worked in the insurance industry when I moved from Sydney to the UK in my early 20s. After two and a half years I realised this was not what I wanted to do and I took a position at an Austrian furniture manufacturer called Bene. From there I was poached to kickstart Chorus Furniture (a sister company of Howe UK). My time at Chorus was extremely educational. Being involved in all facets of the business allowed me to gain knowledge most sales people don’t experience – from discussing designs with renowned furniture designers, to being in the factory overseeing the process in making that piece a reality. I have such a passion for seeing how furniture is made.
What are your favourite pieces at KE-ZU?
Aballs by Jaime Hayon. Its simple, elegant design screams luxury. Gweilo by Partisan. The first time I saw this piece was in the Parachilna showroom in Barcelona. I was absolutely mesmerised. A sculptural piece that truly is a piece of art, even when it isn’t turned on.
And a favourite non-KE-ZU piece?
I do love the Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner. It’s a timeless piece designed in 1950 and I’m a sucker for Scandinavian design.
Is there a designer who you have loved meeting and why?
I enjoyed meeting American designer Stephen Burks. I was very interested to learn of the inspiration behind his designs for Spanish lighting company Parachilna.
What do you believe the value of good design is?
The value of good design is aesthetic improvement of our environment, quality of life and economic growth. Designer furniture is functional art; a worker in a well-designed office where they feel happy is more likely to be productive; and a well-designed house will increase in value faster than an average one.
What do you enjoy doing with your time outside of KE-ZU?
I love spending time with family and friends, relaxing on the beach, skiing and travelling to new destinations. Travel is one of my greatest passions.
Quick-fire round: Favourite movie?
The Italian Job, both the original and the newer version. I am definitely a more action/thriller kind of girl than romcom.
Television series you last binge watched?
Downton Abbey. I love anything English – it must be that English lass in me.
Favourite restaurant?
H20 Café Restaurant, situated on Narrabeen Lake. I am biased though – my Dad owns it. Cho Cho San in Potts Point would be a close second.
Who would win a fight between a grizzly bear and 100 house cats?
100 house cats for sure. They are so cunning and have an air of dominance.