There’s no doubt lighting can have a great effect on our workplace productivity. Fluvia produces a collection of lighting systems that are designed specifically for tasks that require focus and concentration. Established in 2013, Fluvia has quickly built its reputation for innovative and adaptable lighting systems that have a strong architectural edge. Spanish designer Josep Lluscà created Fluvia’s first collections, Slim and Flat, which have become much-loved mainstays of the brand. Lluscà’s approach to industrial design blurs the boundaries of science and art as he works across lighting, furniture, electronics, toys, packaging and urban facilities. His designs address the practical considerations of form and function and he has deservedly received many prestigious accolades including American Industrial Design Excellence Award and the National Design Award in Spain. Slim is a collection of floor, wall, table and suspension lamps that are an efficient way to illuminate office environments for focused tasks such as working and reading. The lamps have a neutral aesthetic with clean, crisp lines and pure geometries that can be effortlessly integrated into varied environments. Light sources can rotate to cast light in a range of directions or bases can be fixed to horizontal and vertical surfaces. The bulbs bathe surfaces in uniform light without glare, and intensity can be regulated with an intuitive adjustment system and dimmer controlled via touch technology. Slim System is a modular variation of Slim in which a series of suspension light modules can be assembled to create customised, flexible and versatile lighting structures. The units are easily configured with a jack connector to create unique compositions to integrate with workplace design and layout. Like functional sculpture, the modules can be joined to create three-dimensional compositions that extend vertically and/or horizontally to illuminate workstations and desks. Fluvia’s Flat is a floor lamp that similarly has a purity of form with clean, crisp shapes and geometries. The lamp is designed to shed uniform light and touch technology allows users to dim and adapt its intensity for the task being performed. All Fluvia lighting systems incorporate energy-saving, low-maintenance LED lights. For more information about Fluvia, drop by the KE-ZU showroom in Alexandria or view the products online here.