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Voting for Interior Design’s Best of Year awards closes on 16 October. We’ve placed our votes. Have you?

Interior Design’s Best of Year awards ceremony honours the most significant work of the year, and recognises the designers, architects and manufacturers that created them. Five KE-ZU brands are nominated this year with a variety of outstanding products that we can certainly attest to. Here’s a quick guide to those products if you still need to cast your vote


Tipo NST

Japanese brand axona AICHI prides itself on designing and manufacturing high-end contract furniture that’s ultra-friendly to the planet. Its Tipo NST nesting chair is manufactured from 100 per cent recycled and recyclable materials, and the result is lightweight and comfortable. The chair comes with a range of frame options, including a sled base, four legs or castors.


Capri Lounge

Like many of the great classic lounge chairs, the design of Andreu World’s Capri Lounge is focused on comfort and a high-end aesthetic. With a footstool, four-star or sled base and the option of with or without arms, the Capri Lounge chair adapts the language of sophisticated corporate chairs to residential design.

Nuez Swivel Central Base and Nuez Guest Chair (sled and wood)

Nuez is Patricia Urquiola’s second collaboration with Andreu World, and its enveloping form and defined folds express materiality and flexibility. Made with an injected thermoplastic shell designed to embrace the body when seated, the Nuez chair has a subtle texture on the exterior, and its form where the arms and backrest meet suggests a doubled-over sheet of paper.

Flex Cantilever

The Flex Cantilever chair and armchair are part of larger Flex series designed to offer comfort in commercial and hospitality projects. The slimline cantilever base, available in white, black and chrome, supports a thermo-polymer or upholstered fiberglass reinforced shell.

Radial High Table

Radial is a smart collection of tables that can be integrated into many environments to perform a variety of functions. Radial High Table is an ideal communal and task table and its design can be customised with different surface materials and dimensions.

Grand Raglan

Grand Raglan is a cozy lounge collection of sofas and lounge chairs with wide cushions and generous volumes. It consists of an upholstered lounge chair and 2- and 3-seater sofas with a steel base in chrome, white or black that gives a subtle sense of suspension and elevation.

Smart Stool

Smart Stool, designed by Estudio Andreu, is a stackable stool balanced in form and ergonomics. With both strength and lightness, it is made of solid beech wood and with oak finished, upholstered or woven-band seat.


A number of new products in Bernhardt Design’s Modern Family collection have received nomination. Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Modern Family is a collection of furniture united by spirit rather than appearance.

Chantal and Chloe chairs

Chantal and Chloe are two versatile and ergonomic chairs that can be used as companion pieces in a variety of settings, including boardrooms, executive suites, home offices, open areas, waiting rooms and cafeterias. They have upholstered shells with modern lines and cushioned seats, are available with three distinctive base options: a tapered cast aluminium base, a minimal round tube base and a five-star swivel base with casters.

Charlotte and Capri chairs

Charlotte and Capri are two wooden guest chairs designed to serve a variety of purposes. They have upholstered seats and their sculptural forms balance clean lines and negative space. With fluid edges and tapered legs, Charlotte and Capri are a modern example of Old World wood craftsmanship.

Catia bench

Catia is streamlined and elegant cushioned bench seat that brings refinement and sophistication to a product category often overlooked. Catia stands on its elliptical fins, that are available in solid American walnut or maple, and is light and airy in appearance. The upholstered seat has a welt around the perimeter and a saddle stitch through the centre on leather and non-railroaded fabrics.

Cassidy dining table

Cassidy is a table that is as good in the boardroom as it is in the dining room. It has a complex and distinctive design that combines simple form with precise details. Cassidy is available in two sizes and shapes and each has tapering legs with a subtle geometric shape that fuses seamlessly with the tabletop. The rectangular table has a flat-cut walnut-veneer surface and the circular table has a reverse-diamond pattern in walnut veneer.

The Creatives is Bernhardt Design’s ongoing initiative to collaborate with people outside the traditional world, and the collections with actor Terry Crews and Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia have both received well-deserved nods

Ibis sofa

The Ibis sofa is part of the Terry Crews Collection. As Crews’ vision of a modern design that would sit comfortably in an ancient Egyptian palace, the sofa has a long and shapely back like the outstretched wings of the bird it is named for. Bernhardt Design’s President and Creative Director Jerry Helling even hailed it “as the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Lilypad lounge chair

Like the floating leaf of the water lily and the bloom of the lotus, Lilypad is a lounge chair that sits atop a single elevated platform that also serves as a side table. The chair incorporates a self-returning swivel mechanism and the solid American walnut platform has a circular insert available in three colours in subtle suede finishes.

Lily chair

Taking its cue from Lilypad, the Lily chair features the same continuous line that traces the exterior of the chair and encases a soft circular cushion, much like the centre of a blooming flower. “The chair subtly converges from an open bloom at the top to a perfect circle at the base,” Crews describes.


Gebbia’s Neighborhood collection is designed for workplaces and public spaces, such as restaurants and airports, and it reflects the Airbnb credo of openness and community. The furniture is designed to be as fluid and flexible, allowing it to be adapted to changing environments and mitigating the high levels of noise and lack of privacy in open-plan workspaces. The 38 modules range from tall privacy units to sofa sectionals as well as tables and mobile ottomans, and each can be configured depending on purpose and privacy needs. There is a strong focus on technology integration and seating is made using sound absorbing materials.


Twins loveseat

Twins by MUT Design includes a loveseat and two armchairs that share the same DNA but have their own personality. The loveseat is a new addition to the family and has the same smooth and sweeping curves as the masculine (tall and squarish) and feminine (shorter and more softly rounded) armchairs.  With upholstered cushions and aluminium-tube frames, Twins features technical fabric designed to endure the weather and climate, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Gres stool

The Gres stool is a reinterpretation of an Expormim piece from 1962. Designed in a high and low version, Gres has four curving and articulated rattan frames that create a base with stability and transparency. The stools have a cushioned seat, and the taller edition has a glistening metal circle that serves as a footrest and helps to further support the construction.



Banga by Yonoh Studio is a colourful wood-veneer lamp that takes the form of an elegant paper parasol. It is comprised of individual veneer pieces set within a lustrous metal framework and its expressive Eastern quality is complemented by the principles of simplicity and symmetry.


Ulm Collection

Ulm is a functional seating collection that blends design, technology, and ergonomics with essential forms based on cube, prism and spherical shapes. It includes seating, a daybed, coffee table, and ottoman with rigid and resilient structures and illumination options.

Voting for Interior Design’s Best of Year awards closes on 16 October so please click here to cast your vote now…

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