12-Micron is a casual, modern and elegant venue that offers a lounge, restaurant and late-night dessert bar where both the cuisine (which offers the best produce from earth, ocean, land and air) and the design is inspired by Australian elements. SJB describes the restaurant, which sits at the top of Tower One in Barangaroo, as “a celebration of the juxtaposition between nature and urbanisation.” It is evocative of Sydney’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle, inspired by the shades and textures of the Spotted Gum tree and pays homage to Jean Pierre Raynaud’s gridded Maison de La Celle-Saint-Cloud. 12-Micron is divided into a series of intimate spaces that invite guests to move from one area to the next – from lounge to restaurant to dessert bar. Spaces are visually delineated through a sophisticated combination of timber sections and stone cobbles that wrap up the base of the walls, while the barrel-vaulted ceiling, substantial columns and curved island bars contrast with the grid-tiled walls. Custom-designed timber shelving and wall units bring warmth, depth and dimension to each space. The linen-rippled ceiling appears like floating clouds overhead and elements in leather-finished granite introduce a rough bark texture. The dusty plum, olive and teal colour palette is inspired by the Spotted Gum’s foliage and picked up in the loose-fit custom leather sofas and Expormim Fontal chairs. Oscar Tusquets Blanca designed the Fontal rattan chair as an ode to Spain’s rich and innovative handicraft tradition. Breaking with the traditional construction of rattan chairs, its elements are assembled using a twinning method that creates a flexible, resistant and graceful structure. The Fontal chairs are arranged around Andreu World’s Reverse Dining tables designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. Each table has a central cylindrical column made from 100 per cent recyclable polyethylene and the tabletops in varying sizes cater for small and large groups. In 12-Micron they have been configured to form long dining tables, while alternating square and circular tabletops play to both the grids and curves throughout the venue. Be sure to put 12-Micron on your list of restaurants to visit for a drink, dinner or late-night dessert and check out the Fontal chair and Reverse Dining table foryourself. Alternatively, drop by the KE-ZU showroom at Alexandria for an espresso where you can also experience the Fontal and Reverse collections.