LZF’s flame is certainly glowing ever brighter. Exhibiting at Euroluce 2017, which runs concurrently with Salone del Mobile Milan, the Spanish lighting brand has debuted a number of new collections alongside its classic models. The Banga pendant is one of LZF’s latest additions. Created by Yonoh Design Studio, the Banga pendant is a colourful wood-veneer lamp with the form of an elegant paper parasol. Established in 2006, Yonoh is based in Valencia, Spain, where founders Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma create simple and original designs without excess or extravagance, and certainly their Banga pendant exemplifies Clara and Alex’s pursuit to bring a fresh, functional and unique perspective to their work. The pendant is comprised of individual veneer pieces set within a lustrous metal framework that resembles the oil-paper parasol that first originated in China. This expressive Eastern quality is complemented by the principles of simplicity and symmetry, which are also a nod to neoclassicism. LZF lights always embody an ambient quality, and the Banga is certainly no exception. While its circular form creates the sense of enclosure or a ceiling, the glowing veneers look and feel weightless. LZF’s stand at Euroluce is a joyful display of colour, light and sculptural forms. The life-size Elephant floor lamp greets visitors at the door; the fishy Koi light is suspended from the ceiling above; and the rest of LZF’s collection is positively glowing. If you’re in Milan, the LZF stand is certain to bring a smile to your face. If you’re not in Milan, then drop by our showroom and we’ll put a smile on your face. Or visit www.kezu.com.au to search LZF’s collection online. lzf Lamps