kezu-blog-sancal-obi-2 Solomillo is a modern new restaurant in the Alexandra DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton Barcelona that is an exemplary model of classic contemporary Spanish design thats worthy of worldwide recognition. Solomillo has an open-plan brasserie dedicated to meat on the mezzanine level, and a spectacular charcuterie bar at street level. With interior design by Spanish studio Borrell Jover Arquitectos, Solomillo is smart and timeless, blurring the lines of being formal and informal, traditional and contemporary, and classic and modern. Indeed, its beauty is that its style and era are hard to define. kezu-blog-sancal-obi-7 “We wanted to create an interior that was timeless, but with a modern feel,” architects Maria Borrell and Jorge Jover explain. It’s vintage and traditional, drawing on classic Spanish roots, while also being modern and contemporary with the latest materials and furnishings. It’s grand and gracious with a fairly formal setting, but welcoming and inviting with plenty of natural light and tactile materials. Its quite stately with a khaki and maroon colour palette, but comfortable with shapely and curving forms. Full of contradictions and juxtapositions, Solomillo has been executed skilfully and works seamlessly. kezu-blog-sancal-obi-3 The interior pays homage to the Spanish design scene with all elements being acquired through Reunión empresas de diseño (RED), an association that aims to protect and promote the values of good quality design and innovation produced in Spain. A luxurious leather banquette seat snakes its way around the periphery of the dining room, edged with corrugated maroon panels and facing tables cloaked in white, while the bar and reception desk are black marble by Consentino sourced from quarries in Andalusia. Some of the furnishings are re-editions of designs hailing from other periods, including the Funiculí lamps by Marset, originally designed by Lluis Porqueras in 1979, and the Básica Mínima lamps by Santa&Cole designed by Santiago Roqueta in 1989. kezu-blog-sancal-obi Of course, we’re delighted to see furniture that we also supply. Andreu World’s elegant Carola chair designed by Lievore Altherr Molina stands out for its deep curvaceous back and rich wood finish against the white tablecloths and natural wood flooring. And Expormim’s curving rattan Huma chair, designed by Mario Ruiz, is a light addition that suits the bare timber table tops. ke-zu_sancal_andreu-world_solomillo In the lobby, maroon and white rugs from Nanimarquina’s Medina collection add rectangular geometry that ties in with the timber-clad columns and corrugated panels. And Sancal’s Tonella chairs sit atop the rugs. Like the Carola and Huma chair, Tonella is curving and voluptuous with a cage-like base inspired by Spanish wine barrels. kezu-blog-sancal-obi-5 If you’re a design lover – and especially if you’re a meat lover – make sure you add Solomillo to your travel itinerary nest time you’re in Barcelona. Apparently they serve the finest sirloin in the city, along with the best in Spanish design. KE-ZU is proud to be an Australian importer of Andreu World and Sancal furniture. These ranges are available at KE-ZU’s Alexandria showroom and online at