ke-zu_bernhardt_mellow-sofa_01 After much anticipation, we are excited to introduce Bernhardt Design’s latest arrivals, which have all the craftsmanship, luxury and environmental credentials the company is renowned for. Based in the foothills of the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Bernhardt Design is a leader in contemporary furniture design in America and around the world. Working with some of the leading talents in design, Bernhardt is revered for its highly skilled craftsmanship and seating and tables that epitomise the artistry of furniture making. One of Bernhardt’s newest talents is Océane Delain. The French designer and scenographer designed the Mellow sofa, which is remarkable for a number of reasons, one of them being its ingenious twist: the user can customise it to enhance their own personal levels of comfort. By tightening or loosening a network of nylon cords, users can adjust the density, configuration and ultimately comfort of the sofa, creating a softer or firmer feel and reshaping the surface for a more or less dimpled look. ke-zu_bernhardt-design_mellow-sofa_01The Mellow sofa’s smooth and curving form is also made of durable 3D fabric and several layers of different density foams, including memory foam, which means that while its appearance may morph under tension – contracting or expanding as the buttons are tightened or loosened – it will still return to its original form. Deservedly, the Mellow sofa has already picked up a number of awards including NeoCon 2016’s innovation in seating. It also won Best Seating and Best of the Show at NYCxDesign in 2016, as well as a 2015 Red Dot Design Award, and Editors Award for Best Seating at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2015. ke-zu_bernhardt_catherine_01Bernhardt Design is revered for its skill with both carpentry and upholstery – two elements that are essential for lounge chairs – and the Catherine lounge chair designed Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance combines both. Catherine references the classic club chair but with a distinctly feminine attitude. It has a rounded interior, gently arcing arms, fluid legs and a slightly reclined posture that is comfortable, elegant and enveloping. The chair features a solid-maple exposed-wood trim and an upholstered welt outlining the perimeter of the frame. ke-zu_bernhardt_blaine_blaine2-0_01The Blaine and Blaine.02 armchairs have a more traditional aesthetic. Designed by Jephson Robb, the Blaine is a handsome low-back lounge chair and sofa, while the Blaine.02 references the modern wingback, all having clean lines and angular sides. kezu_bernhardt_arcel_lifestyleThe Lam task chair is by Lievore Altherr Molina, a Barcelona-based design trio who bring a humanist approach to their work. The Lam chair originated from the concept that a chair should serve as an interface between architecture and the human body. The interior of the seat shell is softly curved and organic to support the form of the human body, while the exterior is angular and gently faceted to respond to an architectural environment. The base is offered in a polished aluminium or matte-black powder-coated finish and integrates a gas-lift cylinder with a tilt mechanism. kezu_bernhardt_cardan_01Bernhardt Design has also introduced the Cardan task chair, which is more reminiscent of a sophisticated lounge chair on casters, than a typical office chair. Combining beauty and functionality, the Cardan’s back and arms gently surround the user in comfort and style. Like much of Bernhardt Design’s furniture, Cardan is an eco-friendly and sustainable product with recyclable components. kezu-blog-sancal-obiFinally, the elegant Serif table designed by Perin & Topan is designed for flexible environments with reconfiguration options and easy storage. The folding table tops are available in either a wood veneer or laminate and the polished-aluminium base comes as an edge mount or inset mount to accommodate users on all four sides of the table. We are proud to be the exclusive Australian importer of Bernhardt Design furniture. These table and seating solutions, plus the full range of Bernhardt Design’s diverse and contemporary collection, are available at KE-ZU’s Alexandria showroom and online at