kezu-blog-luchetti-krelle-kiyomi-gold-coast_5 With an ever-accruing list of awards Luchetti Krelle’s star just keeps on rising. Kiyomi is one of the most recent restaurants to benefit from the architecture and design practice’s golden touch and its interior design is as exciting and surprising as its cutting-edge cuisine. Kiyomi opened in December 2015 as part of the major renovation at Jupiters Hotel and Casino on the Gold Coast. Luchetti Krelle’s design concept respected the ideals of Japanese aesthetics while overlaying them with a contemporary twist. The result is a modern and inviting restaurant that exudes the warmth of traditional Japanese design. “Our focus was on the well considered and detailed principles of Japanese design. Sharp lines, ordered space and an identifiably Japanese palette of steel, timber and granite,” says Stuart Krelle who founded the design practice with Rachel Luchetti in 2008. kezu-blog-luchetti-krelle-kiyomi-gold-coast_4 Kiyomi is located in the cavernous atrium of the Jupiters lobby and without any clearly defined boundaries it has partitions to contain the restaurant and layered ceilings to enhance its ambience. High tables with bar stools run through the centre of the room with small intimate tables to one side and larger tables with bench seating to the other. Andreu World’s Carlotta bar stools and chairs provide timeless and comfortable seating with simple, classic lines in harmony with the design of the restaurant.   kezu-blog-luchetti-krelle-kiyomi-gold-coast_6 Handmade Japanese parasol-inspired pendants sourced from Kyoto hang above the bench tables with a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ wall behind. Made from hundreds of solid-timber blocks, the wall has texture and depth that plays with light and shadow, while a series of circular Japanese motifs representing family and the seasons adorn the block wall. A seasonal motif also features in the amber-coloured carpet that has a gingko-leaf pattern like fallen Autumn leaves. On the walls are custom ceramic wall lights that add copper accent to an otherwise black, brown and grey colour palette. kezu-blog-luchetti-krelle-kiyomi-gold-coast_3 At the far end of Kiyomi a burst of vibrant colour and sharp pattern emanates from a fluorescent mural. Designed by Que Houxo, its distinctly Japanese vibe draws people’s attention down the narrow site. kezu-blog-luchetti-krelle-kiyomi-gold-coast_1 Like so much of Luchetti Krelle’s work, Kiyomi radiates warmth, comfort and visual interest. And with texture, colour, and pattern that mirror Executive Chef Chase Kojima’s culinary delights, it is a wholly aesthetic and atmospheric dining experience. See more of our favourite hospitality projects here kezu-blog-luchetti-krelle-kiyomi-gold-coast_2 kezu-blog-luchetti-krelle-kiyomi-gold-coast