Stand or Sit? Why not both ...

MNN offices Image Courtesy Treehugger CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter/ photo aging by Brad Hanna

In a recent post on Treehugger, managing editor Lloyd Alter gave us a glimpse of the offices in Atlanta where staff (tired of sitting down all day) had taken it upon themselves to create standing desks reminiscent (especially when aged in Photoshop) of the Herman Miller action office of the 1960s.

Image Courtesy of Treehugger © Herman Miller

Whilst these makeshift designs resolve the issue of sitting down all day they raise a new set of issues for existing office system catered to a seated workforce as people are left standing up, in each others faces, as little as five feet apart.

Image Courtesy of Treehugger Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Atler calls on "Herman Miller and the other manufacturers to make the standing desk part of their integrated office systems like it was 50 years ago" and this writer (currently sitting and desperate to stand) couldn't agree more.

Image Courtesy of Treehugger © Herman Miller
Image Courtesy of Treehugger © Herman Miller
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