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Image courtesy stpmj Image courtesy stpmj

... Now you don’t…

Each year the Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City hosts a competition that welcomes proposals for large-scale installation works exploring  “contemporary interpretations of the architectural folly”.

New York design company stpmj created the aptly titled entry Invisible Barn. The structure almost seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, giving the illusion of transparency.  Its construction ??of wood and tarpaulin with mirror film allows its facets to reflect the natural surroundings.

Image courtesy stpmj Image courtesy stpmj

They say the project is

a visual illusion that blurs the perceptual boundary between the folly and the site, allows the folly to be disappeared and invisible in nature, reconstructing the landscape of the site.

A quote almost as beautiful as the architectural feat itself.

Image courtesy stpmj Image courtesy stpmj
Image courtesy stpmj Image courtesy stpmj

Voids cut within the façade of the structure enable visitors to physically interact with the barn and witness the change between what is reflected and what is projected. A truly beautiful idea, we’re sure philosophers could have a field day with this one.

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