Archiproducts Interviews Oscar, Jaime & Doshi Levien ...

Doshi Levien's Shanty | Oscar Tusquets' Xai | Jaime Hayon's Gardenias Doshi Levien's Shanty | Oscar Tusquets' Xai | Jaime Hayon's Gardenias

We were there when Archiproducts sat down at the bd Barcelona stand at Salone Milano and interviewed the great Oscar Tusquets (great socks and all), Jaime Hayon and Doshi Levien. It was a flurry of lights, cameras and action and in a way, this moment embodied the excitement that the fair displayed.

Finally, the video has made its way to the web! From the beauty of a Gardenias bench by friend and fellow bd Barcelona collaborator Jaime Hayon, Oscar speaks about his friendship with Savador Dali and the products he has designed from Dali paintings including Xai, the limited release taxidermy bedside table. Jaime takes to the microphone and discusses the Low Lounger, the newest piece to add to his collection, and the expansion of the Gardenias collection, now available in an indoor version. Doshi Levien in all their fabulousness speak about the inspiration and shapes of the Shanty collection: the cabinet and mirror set.

See the video below – it’s a great way to further understand the latest in furniture deign direct from the designers.

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