FFF - Creativity with John Cleese

Watch, listen and take notes. John Cleese imparts his knowledge, providing the "5 factors that you can arrange to make your lives more creative."

1.  Space – "You have to create some space for yourself away from your everyday demands."
2. Time – "It’s not enough to create space.  You have to create your space for yourself for a specific period of time.  Think of it as play time."
3  Time – "Give your mind as long as possible to come up with something original."
4. Confidence – "Nothing will stop you from coming up with a creative solution as much as the fear of making a mistake."
5. Humour – "Humour gets us from the closed mode to the open mode quicker than anything else.  Humour makes us playful and brings relaxation."


Now follow these steps, get creative, and enter our Van Design Competition. You could win $1000 cash or up to $2500 worth of KE-ZU product (ex. Sydney Warehouse).


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