[caption id="attachment_8846" align="alignnone" width="600"]AW_ON_JASPER_MORRISON4 Andreu World’s Jesus Linares & Jasper Morrison[/caption] Part of the new Andreu World catalogue is the On chair family by Jasper Morrison.  Morrison is a highly-acclaimed international designer who presented his first design for Andreu World to the KE-ZU team abroad. An intriguing story: the On collection spent over a year in the design phase, beginning with a singular chair and growing into a full range with armchair, stacking and upholstery options. AW_ON_JASPER_MORRISON3 AW_ON_JASPER_MORRISON2 Andreu World sought out Morrison, confident that he would understand the chair that Andreu World were looking for to round out their 2014 catalogue.  Meanwhile, Jasper was so impressed with Andreu World’s capabilities and manufacturing techniques that it seemed from early on, a match made in heaven. Whilst analyzing the Andreu World product, Morrison saw things he never before thought possible: an exciting venture for a designer who told KE-ZU how joyous a process it was working with a company of such craftsmen.
If you put bad designers with bad companies you’ll get bad product
... Jasper noted, stating what now appears to be the modest designer’s way of celebrating this new working relationship.  A major strength of Andreu World is recognizing collaboration opportunities where both parties bring their best qualities to the table (no pun intended) in order to achieve superior product; that formula applied here is testament to the extraordinary On collection.