The KE-ZU showroom is aflutter following the release of Kenneth Cobonpue’s latest collection Calyx. The Filipino design gun has done it again! This time offering an outdoor range that bridges the aesthetic and material gap between indoor and outdoor furniture. Calyx supports itself on a strong base and grows up and out to welcome its occupant.  Calyx, by definition reads “the sepals of a flower considered as a group” and thus the enveloping shape of the collection was born.

The shape and pattern of the collection is reminiscent of furniture past, but adopts the current trend of biophilic design and materiality.  Loosely speaking, Biophilic design gives recognizable references to the human anatomy and elements found in nature. Kenneth Cobonpue says of the collection:

Endlessly inspired by the simple yet ever changing lines of a bloom unfolding. The wide crown over a tightened base form the elegant silhouette for the Calyx from a matrix of interwoven strands.

Perfect for outdoor spaces, Calyx is manufactured using aluminum and steel or polyethylene and is available in several colour options.  We’re yet to see Calyx in the flesh or specified in an interior but no doubt this collection is set to inspire some awesome spaces.